Free Agency Prediction

Since it is officially the offseason, I thought it would be fun to predict where the top 50 FA's using MLBTR's list would go.

1-Cliff Lee-LHP-Yankees. I think the Yankees will simply outspend the Rangers and Nationals to make sure they bring in Lee.

2-Carl Crawford-OF-Angels. The Angels have long been rumored to be the favorites for Crawford and I think they make sure they get him.

3-Adrian Beltre-3B-Angels. Beltre has said he prefers playing on the west coast to be closer to his family, and the Angels will look to improve on the production they got from Brandon Wood and Alberto Callaspo last year.

4-Jayson Werth-OF-Tigers. The Tigers have a ton of money coming off the books and I think they spend it on the well rounded OF.

5-Adam Dunn-1B-Cubs. Both Chicago teams seem to have interest in Dunn, and since Dunn has stated that he wants to stay in the NL, I think he goes to the North Side.

6-Victor Martinez-C/1B-Dodgers. GM Ned Colletti has said payroll will increase, and he also said they are looking for a catcher and a big bat. Martinez kills 2 birds with 1 stone.

7-Rafeal Soriano-RHP-Twins. I had trouble pegging Soriano-the Angels make a lot of sense if they miss out on Crawford or Beltre. But since I have the Angels signing those two, there probably isn't room in the budget for Soriano, so I'll say he goes to Minnesota and shores up the closer role with Matt Capps taking over the 8th inning.

8-Mariano Rivera-RHP-Yankees. These negotiations should go easier than the one's with Jeter.

9-Paul Konerko-1B-Orioles. The Orioles seem to be looking for that big bat every year, and this year they grab Konerko to fill that hole.

10-Derek Jeter-SS-Yankees. Things may get ugly, but he'll be wearing the pinstripes next year.

11-Hiroki Kuroda-RHP-Mets. I think Alderson goes after the Kuroda to help solidify their rotation.

12-Jorge De La Rosa-LHP-Nationals. The Nationals get the high risk/high reward lefty after missing out on Lee.

13-Carl Pavano-RHP-Rangers. The Rangers answer to missing out on Lee.

14-Jake Westbrook-RHP-Cardinals. There is mutual interest for Westbrook to stay in St. Louis and I think the 2 sides agree to a deal fairly soon.

15-Aubrey Huff-1B-Giants. A bargain signing last year, Huff and the Giants both have mutual interest in re-signing-though I imagine Huff will at least test the market to an extent.

16-Juan Uribe-SS-Reds. I think an integral member of the World Series champs leaves, and holds down the fort at SS for Cincinnati-their small yard should be condusive to his powerful swing.

17-Jim Thome-DH-Twins. Another bargain sign, I think the Twins keep their lefty slugger.

18-Carlos Pena-1B-Nationals. The Pena to the Nats rumors have been around for a while, and I think he replaces Adam Dunn next year.

19-Vladimir Guerrero-DH-Tigers. I think he signs another 1 year deal and helps protect Cabrera and Werth in the Detroit line up.

20-Manny Ramirez-DH-Athletics. The A's seem to like taking on aging sluggers (ie Mike Piazza, Frank Thomas) and they try it again with Ramirez.

21-Magglio Ordonez-OF/DH-Padres. I think the Padres pay for the bat and hope he still has enough to play the field everyday.

22-Orlando Hudson-2B-Cardinals. There have been a lot of Hudson to the Cards rumors, and the two do make a good match.

23-Derrek Lee-1B-Rays. Lee is coming off a disappointing year, and I think Tampa gambles that he can rebound.

24-Lance Berkman-1B/DH-Rangers. Berkman apparently likes to stay close to his home in Texas, and with the Astros being in rebuilding mode, and the Rangers declining Guerrero's option, this seems like a good fit.

25-Andy Pettitte-LHP-Yankees. Easy negotiations here too.

26-Jon Garland-RHP-Twins. Helps replace the loss of Pavano.

27-AJ Pierzynski-C-White Sox. AJ is a good fit in Chicago, and Tyler Flowers isn't ready yet. I think he re-signs for 1 more year.

28-Miguel Olivo-C-Rangers. His power should play well in Texas and give the Rangers a legit catching option.

29-John Buck-C-Red Sox. Picked a nice time to have a break out year, I think he goes to Boston and catches a lot, while also sharing some time with Saltalamacchia.

30-Javier Vazquez-RHP-Pirates. He likes to play on the east coast and has always been better in the NL-I think the Pirates gamble that he finds his fastball again and then flips him at the deadline.

31-Scott Downs-LHP-Red Sox. The Red Sox bullpen needs help and adding Downs in the late innings should really help solidify it.

32-JJ Putz-RHP-Orioles. I think they bring in Putz, and get a solid L/R 8th/9th combo with Mike Gonzalez still under contract.

33-Brian Fuentes-LHP-DBacks. The DBacks had the worst bullpen in the majors last year, and Fuentes should help solidify that. Like with the Orioles, I think the DBacks will be able to mix and match in the 8th and 9th if Juan Gutierrez or Sam Demel emerge as a reliable late inning arm.

34-Adam LaRoche-1B-White Sox. Since they missed out on Dunn, they get another lefty 1B.

35-Hisanori Takahashi-LHP-Mariners. Takahashi should get a chance to be the #5 starter in Seattle, and could move to a swing man role if he struggles as a starter.

36-Pat Burrell-OF-DBacks. I think he moves on from the Giants to play full time in Arizona.

37-Joaquin Benoit-RHP-Braves. I think the Braves give him a chance to close, while Kimbrel and Venters develop in lower leverage situations.

38-Kevin Millwood-RHP-Padres. With Correia, Garland, and Young all departing the Padres will need someone to eat innings, and they reportedly had interest in Millwood last year.

39-Kevin Correia-RHP-Royals. Should be a low cost, useful innings eater.

40-Arthur Rhodes-LHP-Reds. I think he stays in Cincinnati as the late inning Lefty.

41-Pedro Feliciano-LHP-Yankees. After missing on Downs and Rhodes, the Bombers get Feliciano to take the subway to the Bronx.

42-Grant Balfour-RHP-Rays. I think the Rays don't let all of their potential relievers go.

43-Kerry Wood-RHP-Cubs. Lots of Wood to the Cubs rumors-I think the reunion happens.

44-Scott Podsednik-OF-Dodgers. I think the Dodgers keep the speedy OF.

45-Yorvit Torrealba-C-Reds. I think Torrealba and Ryan Hanigan split time in Cincy next year,

46-Hideki Matsui-DH-White Sox. I think they go for another power bat to give Dayan Viciedo some more seasoning in the minors.

47-Johnny Damon-OF/DH-Giants. The Giants replace Pat Burrell's power with Damon's speed.

48-Kevin Gregg-RHP-Blue Jays. I think Frasor and Downs leave, but the Jays keep their closer.

49-Koji Uehara-RHP-Rays. I think the Rays go to the risky Uehara to help replace their bullpen arms.

50-Brandon Webb-RHP-Nationals. Webb to the Nats rumors have been strong, and I think Washington gambles that he returns to form and finds his velocity again.

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