Interview with Indians GM Mark Shapiro

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to interview Indians general manager Mark Shapiro. Shapiro has been hard at work this season not just handling the day-to-day operations of the Indians, but working out his transition with assistant GM Chris Antonetti, who will take over as GM when Shapiro become team President after the season. I want to thank Shapiro again for giving me the time for this interview. 

ELI: The Indians made a trade that sent Jhonny Peralta to the Tigers for Giovanni Soto. How long did it take for this deal to materialize? 

MARK: The dynamic in every trade is different. With this particular deal, we were keeping in touch with a broader sense of team needs. It is difficult to trade within the division, but we matched up nicely with eachother. The Tigers needed a veteran infielder, and we simply did not have the need for Peralta anymore.

ELI: What do you think of your return in Soto?

MARK: He is a young, projectable arm with a decent arsenal of pitches. 

ELI: You have been with the Indians for some time, can you tell me what it is like selecting a new manager and a little bit about your experience thus far with Manny Acta?

MARK: There is no one thing you look for in a manager. You do your best to find the attributes and characteristics most suited with your current situation. Manny [Acta] has been a successful manager and coach at every single level - Montreal, New York - He has a rock solid foundation. He understands multicultural needs of players, it's important. Natural tensions do develop, but our relationship is to communicate and to maintain a common goal, a common vision. So far, good things. 

ELI: How are your days different, especially this week, compared to other weeks during the year?

MARK: They are definitely longer, less predictable. A day can change from one phone call and you'll have to mobilize quickly.

ELI: Fausto Carmona has had somewhat of a resurgence, what about his mechanics and approach has changed from 2009 to 2010? 

MARK: His biggest difference is his ability to pitch with a purpose. It wasn't a dramatic change, but a mental adjustment. 

ELI: How will your day-today job change after this season? When will you be changing positions: after the offseason or right after the season?

MARK: We will switch right after the season. I won't be involved with the dat-to-day as much, Chris [Antonetti] will run baseball operations. 

ELI: How have your interactions been different this season. Are you meeting more to discuss the transition?

MARK: We've been meeting more, asking questions, but we've known eachother for a very long time. We have similar philosophies, it is very natural.

ELI: Network is just as important as it was 20 years ago. With that said, what advice would you give someone trying to enter the industry?

MARK: It is different for every office, but the ability to differentiate yourself is very important. You need a set of experiences, or skill, that enables you to make an impact for a team. 

ELI: Much like on the field?

MARK: Exactly. 

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