Melky/Sanchez Trade Reaction Blowout: CF Cain Clearly Consensus Winner

Now that we've had a moment to let the first significant trade of the hot stove season soak in a little, let's take a look at reactions around the baseball world. My initial reaction was that the Royals made a smart move by trading an extra piece at his peak value in exchange for a much-needed pitcher at his lowest -- all while clearing the way for the vaunted Lorenzo Cain (most recently mentioned in Jair Jurrjens trade rumors).

I also kept repeating that I thought the timing was good, but I mean in terms of player cycles, not in terms of "best time during the off-season," for which Dayton Moore is well known for gun jumping and market setting (and he did yet again).

Here's what others are thinking:

  • Melky for Jonathan: Knee-Jerk Analysis - McCovey Chronicles
    "My problem with the trade isn't giving up Sanchez or Verdugo. It's not necessarily Melky. He's a flawed player, but people act like a court order is going to force him to return his increased production from last year. It's not so outlandish to think that a 26-year-old who improves might turn into a 27-year-old who maintains the production. My problem with the trade is the completely manufactured need in center field."
  • Breaking: Kansas City Royals Trade Melky Cabrera to San Francisco, Get Jonathan Sanchez and Ryan Verdugo - Royals Review
    "This deal certainly takes the shape of many of the rumors and proposed swaps proffered by fans this autumn as a seemingly redundant position player was sent out for a pitcher. Sanchez is roughly an average to slightly above average pitcher. He's certainly a rotation upgrade. (2010 - 4.00 FIP, 3.94 xFIP, 2011 - 4.30 FIP, 4.36 xFIP) However, because of his contract status and middling nature, he isn't a difference maker in 2012 or a long term solution in the rotation."
  • Sanchez a worthwhile risk for Royals - ESPN Insider (Bowden)
    "This was pure a baseball trade; a deal that helped both ball clubs financially and plugged some gaping holes by taking moderate risks on two players who still have some upside. Both players are arbitration-eligible and can be free agents after the 2012 season. Sanchez struggled with an ankle injury most of the year, posting a mediocre 4-7 record with a 4.26 ERA. Royals GM Dayton Moore said the deal is a wash financially for both teams."

  • Early developments in the SP market - The Providence Journal
    "In essence, the Royals and Giants both traded from positions of strength to help fill a weakness. The deal likely means the price for San Francisco's more prized starters -- Matt Cain among them -- is probably higher today than it was yesterday. Furthermore, Kansas City is probably less inclined to be in on other starting pitchers."

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