My Power Rankings week 3#

This was a good week there are definitly some suprise teams but all in all a good week.

1. Colorado Rockies 12-5 with some strong play and a 7-1 road record the rockeis are tied for the best record in baseball.

2.LA Angels 11-6 after starting of 5-5 you can say there on somewhat of a hot streak.

3.Cleveland Indians 12-5 tied for the best record in baseball, somewhat of a suprise team this year.

4.Texas 11-6 still doing good but definitly hurting without Hamilton and now are tied for there division with the streaking Angels.

5.Philidalphia 10-6 still managing to do good, although alot of people though they would have a better record by now with there rotation.

6.Yankees 9-6 there bats are really doing well but im not sure how far they will get with there pitching this year, Nova Colon and Garcia 3,4,5.

7.San Fransisco 10-7 after a very slow start the giants are really getting hot and looking to catch the Rockies.

8.Kansas City 11-6 with the way there young guys have played this team has really suprised people and i think they will keep doing so all season.

9.Florida Marlins 9-6 the marlins have done pretty well and with the Phillies not doing anything special they really have a chance to keep up with the pack.

10.Reds 9-8 they had a very good start but have slowed down alot, they are now on a 3 game losing streak, But still hold on to the division lead somehow.

11.Brewers 9-8 they had a very slow start but have come on strong lately, they have won 2 straight and are now tied with the reds for the division.

12. Toronto 8-9 they have a pretty good offense but there pitching has to hold them up, after losing 3 of 4 in boston over the weekend they slowed down but responded well by beating the yankees last night.

13.Tampa bay 8-9 after a horrible start they have really turned it around they are now on a 2 game winning streak and are 7-3 in there last 10.

14.oakland 8-8 not a bad start to there season as there good young starters have really keep them in games.

15.St.Louis 8-8 had a slow start but have heated up lately they are 6-4 in there last 10 and in a week division that will move you up.

16. Washington 8-7 They have really started off well this year they have won 3 straight and 7 in there last 10, could this finaly be the nats year do at least make a push?

17.Detroit 8-10 not a bad start but with there hitters im sure people though they would see a bit of a better record.

18. Cubs 8-8 A not to bad start to there season although they are still really waiting for Garza to show stuff like he did in tampa.

19.Baltimore 7-9 well they started of good 6-0 but then they went on an 8 game losing streak now they find themselves 2 games below .500 and 2-8 in there last 10.

20. Chicago White Sox 7-10 with there hitters we all expected bit things but the pitching hasnt been that good and some key injuries have made this a slow start for the sox.

21.Atlanta 8-10 Not the start they were hoping for as they find themselves 4th in the division, its still early but they cant let phillie run away with it.

22. LA dodgers 8-10 not to bad of a start they have some good hitting especialy from Kemp and some alright pitching to help them have an alright record.

23.Twins 6-11 its been a hard start for this team but they have had some key injuries with mauer being out alot and also a very hard schedual to start off.

24.Pittsburg 8-9 for them not a bad start but they have gotten a bit cold 4-6 in there last 10 and the fact that they are 1-5 at home dosent help.

25.Red sox. 5-11 they had a great weekend took 3 of 4 from toronto there recrod is still 5-11 says alot and they got back to there old ways last nigth with another L. And not to mention they are 0-7 on the road wow.

26. Arizona 7-8 not a bad start some good hitting and the good pitching of some guys, Kennedy is really a rising star.

27.San diego 7-9 still not to far behind a decent record had some key injuries at first looking to turn it around.

28.Houston 6-11 still not a good record they are 5-5 in there last 10 and thats pretty good.

29. Seattle 6-12 They won there last won and 4 of there last 10 that good for seattle right?

30. Mets 5-12 they are 2-8 in there last ten and have won one game at home they played 8.

So this is my week 3 wednesday updates.

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