JT's MLB power rankings (week 4)AL

Its a very open start this year alot of teams started hot slowed down. Alot of teams started slow heated up. here are my rankings for week 4. This week i will be ranking them by AL and NL each in there own Seperate Catagories.


1) Texas Rangers 14-7 They have slowed down from there starting pace but still a strong team. 5-5 in there last ten isnt anything to be to happy about but they have won 3 straight and are very impressive at home 10-2.

2) New York Yankees 12-6 Very consistant all season, Huges is struggling but they are still getting the pitching from C.C A.J and a revamped Bartolo Colon. They are an impressive 7-3 in there last 10 and have won 3 straight.

3) Boston Red sox 10-11 Well it seems like there slow start is behind them. They are now 8-2 in there last 10 and have been ripping it up on a road trip.

4) Clevland 13-8 A very suprising Cinderalla team maybe finaly finding the end of there story. After a strong start they are 5-5 in there last 10 and have lost 3 straight.

5) Los Angeles Angels 12-10 Have shown that they might compete for this division this year 5-5 in there last 10, they are now an exellent 8-4 on the road. The reason for most of there wins is good pitching especialy from Jared Weaver who already had 5.

6)Detroit 12-10 A good 7-3 iin there last 10 have won 4 straight they are starting to heat up. If they offense can stay up and they pitching can keep up it could be a nice stretch for these guys.

7)Tampa bay 11-11 7-3 in there last 10 and won 2 straight they are starting to heat up. Key injurie Evan Longoria is going to be coming back soon so things can only go up for the rays.

8)Kansas City 12-10 4-6 in there last ten and have lost 4 straight KC fans are strarting to fall back to earth. Although i do see them having a decent pitching Kc fans should be very Optomistic.

9) Oakland 11-11 winners of 2 straight and 5-5 in there last 10 Oakland is looking for another good year from there up and comming star pitchers, and so far they have not disopointed.

10)Minesota Twins 9-12 comming of a sweep and heating up the Twins are starting to come around. Heres hoping they get there guys back as Mauer and Morneau have not played together in the linup since the opening series.

11) Toronto Blue jays 9-12  Not doing to bad but have lost 2 straight and are 4-6 in there last 10. Not a division you want to fall behind in.

12) Baltimore 8-12 Started of really hot but have slowed down since. 2-8 in there last 10 the have really fallen from grace looks like the same old same old for Baltimore.

13) Chicago White Sox 8-14 Not a ad start but 1-9 in there last 10 has taken em down a bit. Dosent help that there closer already has 6 blown saves.

14) Seattle Mariners 8-15 4-6 in there last 10 witch for this team is actually very good isnt to bad, losers of two straight have the same problems as last year no runs ever very weeks offense.

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