Contract Details: Diamondbacks, Joel Zumaya, Astros

Even though it isn't our money, fans love talking about ways their favorite team spends money. With that being said, most of us, including myself, love taking a look at the contract details and examining what a player will need to do in order to reach his performance bonuses. Sometimes we even find a few interesting clauses or services players get (hint: there's at least one below).

Thanks to Steve Gilbert, Brian McTaggart and Rhett Bollinger, we can take a look at several of the Arizona Diamondbacks' contract details, Joel Zumaya of the Minnesota Twins and a pair of recent Houston Astros signings as well. Let's take a look, starting with the D'Backs...

  • The D'Backs will pay up to $45,000 for an interpreter that'll serve reliever Takashi Saito. Saito, who signed a one-year $6 million contract, will also get eight round-trip business class tickets from Tokyo to Arizona.
  • Joe Saunders re-signed with the D'Backs on a one-year deal after being non-tendered, and he'll earn $6 million in 2012. The southpaw also gets a hotel suite on road trips.
  • Newly signed outfielder Jason Kubel will earn $15 million for the next two years. If the mutual option for the third year is triggered, Kubel will earn $7.5 million or will be bought out of his contract for $500K.

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  • Cody Ransom isn't on the D'Backs major-league roster, but he can opt out of his $20K/month deal in the minors if he isn't by April 4th. He'll make $500K if he's on the MLB roster.
  • Like Ransom, Jason Lane will earn $10K/month in the minor leagues but will earn $500K if he makes the majors.

Joel Zumaya signed a one-year deal with the Twins for $800K, but only $400K is guaranteed. However, the reliever has a chance to earn an additional $1 million if he triggers in all the performance incentives (mostly through relief appearances and awards).

Catcher Chris Snyder signed a one-year deal with the Astros for $750K ($350K guaranteed). However, there's also a $4 million mutual option for an additional year, that comes with a $500K buyout. Snyder's bonuses for 2012 include plate appearances, awards, days on roster and even a trade kicker.

Snyder's new teammate, Jack Cust, will earn $600K in 2012 and there is a $1 million option for 2013. Cust won't have a chance to earn more money in 2012, but could do so in 2013.

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