2013 MLB Hall of Fame Vote Totals: Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens fall well short of election

Ezra Shaw

Craig Biggio received the highest total of votes at 68.2 percent, but still fell short in a year when no one was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

For just the second time in the past 40 years and the first since 1996, the Baseball Writers Association of America failed to elect a single person the Baseball Hall of Fame. Several superstars who were connected to or alleged to have used performance enhancing drugs were on the ballot, and continuing a recent trend, not one came close the voting threshold for entry.

Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds both fell well short of election, garnering less than 40 percent of the vote. Clemens is arguably the best pitcher of his generation while Bonds is considered the greatest hitter of his generation. But both played in the steroid era, and were connecting to or alleged to have used PEDs in one form or another. At this point, it appears that cloud hanging over them is an insurmountable hurdle for many voters.

In his first year on the ballot, Craig Biggio led all vote-getters with 68.2 percent of the 569 ballots cast, leaving him shy of the 75 percent needed. Jack Morris, in his 14th year on the ballot, was the only other player to receive more than 60 percent of the vote.

Mark McGwire, an admitted steroid user, received just 16.9 percent of the vote while Sammy Sosa got only 12.5 percent. Here's a complete table of results for those eligible, courtesy of BBWAA:

Name Votes (Pct.) Yrs on ballot
Craig Biggio 388 (68.2%) 1
Jack Morris 385 (67.7%) 14
Jeff Bagwell 339 (59.6%) 3
Mike Piazza 329 (57.8%) 1
Tim Raines 297 (52.2%) 6
Lee Smith 272 (47.8%) 11
Curt Schilling 221 (38.8%) 1
Roger Clemens 214 (37.6%) 1
Barry Bonds 206 (36.2%) 1
Edgar Martinez 204 (35.9%) 4
Alan Trammell 191 (33.6%) 12
Larry Walker 123 (21.6%) 3
Fred McGriff 118 (20.7%) 4
Dale Murphy 106 (18.6%) 15
Mark McGwire 96 (16.9%) 7
Don Mattingly 75 (13.2%) 13
Sammy Sosa 71 (12.5%) 1
Rafael Palmeiro 50 (8.8%) 3
Bernie Williams 19 (3.3%) 2
Kenny Lofton 18 (3.2%) 1
Sandy Alomar Jr. 16 (2.8%) 1
Julio Franco 6 (1.1%) 1
David Wells 5 (0.9%) 1
Steve Finley 4 (0.7%) 1
Shawn Green 2 (0.4%) 1
Aaron Sele 1 (0.2%) 1
Jeff Cirillo 0 (0%) 1
Royce Clayton 0 (0%) 1
Jeff Conine 0 (0%) 1
Roberto Hernandez 0 (0%) 1
Ryan Klesko 0 (0%) 1
Jose Mesa 0 (0%) 1
Reggie Sanders 0 (0%) 1
Mike Stanton 0 (0%) 1
Todd Walker 0 (0%) 1
Rondell White 0 (0%) 1
Woody Williams 0 (0%) 1


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