30 Free Agents for 30 Clubs

All right guys, my last post was about trade ideas. In this piece I will give my opinion on one free agent addition for each club that would potentially have a huge impact if they were to sign with each respective club. I am only including players who were not on the team last year which is why I didn't put Cano to the Yankees for example.

NYY - Matt Garza: a guy with good stuff who has had success in the toughest division in baseball. His consistency is what sets him apart from Ubaldo Jiminez and Ervin Santana. It is also what makes him my pick for number 1 free agent starter on the market

BOS - Brian McCann: I didn't even need to think of this one. McCann is a guy who has been among the best at his position for a number of years. He is more consistent track record than Saltalamacchia and more than likely plays better defense.

TB - Corey Hart: Kind of a 50/50 chance he will be healthy but should come cheap with a huge upside. His versatility would fit in with Joe Maddon's club. Worth the gamble if your the Rays.

TOR - Tim Hudson: A guy who has had success since he's been in the big leagues. He would add stability to the BLue Jays rotation and should come cheaper than the younger pitchers that are available.

BAL - Ubaldo Jiminez: This is only if they can't trade for someone with a more consistent track record. But he is the closest thing to an ace available in free agency. If he can repeat this year, I'm sure the Orioles would take it.

DET - KRod: The Orioles bullpen is what killed them this year. With that being said Krod is a pro who knows what he's doing. He can lead the bullpen and even close if needed.

KC - Roy Halladay: If he can even regain 60 percent of his former self it would make an impact. Given his track record I think it would make sense for a team like the Royals to take a flyer on him if they can't re-sign Santana.

CLE - Grant Balfour - As the best closer on the market the Indians would likely have stiff competition in aquiring Balfour. However, they could use a legitimate reliable closer.

CHW - Curtis Granderson: He is a perfect fit for the White Sox. They likely won't have to overpay coming off an injury plagued season. He would deepen their lineup significantly by adding another legitimate home run threat.

MIN - Edinson Volquez: Maybe he'll pull a Francisco Liriano. Worth a shot if your the Twins.

LAA - Bartolo Colon: Had success in Anaheim and if he could repeat this year I'm sure the Angels would be happy.

TEX - Mike Morse and Raul Ibanez: Definitely worth a shot if your the Rangers. Morse had such a down year this year, the only place to go is uo and Arlington Ballpark won't hurt his cause. Ibanez will be cheap and proved he can still rake at 40.

OAK - LaTroy Hawkins: Likely to lose Balfour, Hawkins would add leadership to a young bullpen while being a solid contributor himself.

SEA - Shin Soo Choo: Honestly I think the Giants should have pursued him. Of him and Pence, Choo is the superior player in my opinion. Would definitely help Seattle on offense and doesn't have to hit home runs to be productive.

HOU - Fernando Rodney: Would help the back end of the bullpen and had a historic season just two years ago.

PHI - Nelson Cruz: A right handed power bat would deepen Philly's lineup considerably.

NYM - Jacoby Ellsbury: Great fit if your the Mets. Can cover ground in center and set the tabke for the heart of the order. I doubt he'll hit 30 home runs again but even if he doesn't he would still be a worthwhile signing.

WAS - Jason Vargas: This free agent market has a lot of number 3 type starters. With that being said, he would add depth and reliability to the Nationals rotation.

ATL - Carlos Ruiz: Will likely be much cheaper than McCann and the Braves would lose nothing on defense. He could also hit if not for power, but the Braves have enough power hitters even without McCann.

MIA - A.J. Pierzynski: If not A.J. then Michael Young. Either player would add leadership to a young club. Pierzynski would be a good influence on the pitching staff and would change the whole dynamic of the Miami Marlins. I think they have a good mix of talent and could compete within the next two seasons.

MIL - Justin Morneau and Masahiro Tanaka: I couldn't pick just one here. Both players would add a much needed dimension to a struggling Brewers club. Morneau is a proven run producer and shouldn't be too expensive in my estimation. Can hit behind Braun. Tanaka should be good although I highly doubt he will be on Yu Darvish's level. Regardless, he should be cheaper than the proven pitchers. If his performance is similar to Hyun Jin Ryu's this year, I think his team would be happy.

STL - Franklin Gutierrez: Could provide a right handed bat off the bench. Could even possibly platoon with Jon Jay. He definitely has potential, just needs to stay healthy. I don't think it would be worth it to sign Beltran to a multiyear deal.

PIT - Jhonny Peralta: Would no question improve the Pirates. He would add lineup depth while still playing servicable defense at short.

CIN - Juan Pierre: If Ludwick is hurt again, they will need an extra outfielder. Also, he could mentor Hamilton on basestealing, tablesetting, etc.

CHC - Carlos Beltran: Would add a stable presence to Chicago's lineup while adding veteran leadership.

LAD - Omar Infante - I can't see the Yankees letting Cano walk. Therefore, Infante is versatile and would likely be an upgrade offensively over Mark Ellis.

ARI - Brian Wilson: Seems to like the West Coast and would be invaluable to the Diamondbacks bullpen.

SF - Marlon Byrd: Would deepen the Giants lineup significantly by taking over for Gregor Blanco.

COL - Chris Young: Has always had power and speed albeit with a ton of strikeouts. However, he could be an under the radar signing that pays off.

SD - Phil Hughes: Maybe being reunited with Ian Kennedy and playing in a pitcher's ballpark in the National League would help Hughes' cause. He throws strikes and has pretty good stuff. Being away from Yankee Stadium will only help him.

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