Dodgers offseason: No such thing as too much

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The Dodgers seem to be in on every available player on the market. And they seem to have no problem with paying a massive tax penalty for overspending. They might just keep making splashes until they bring home a title.

The Guggenheim Group is setting itself up to supplant the Steinbrenner family as the most free-spending patriarchs the world of baseball has ever seen. You could almost say both teams won the $250M+ trade between the Dodgers and Red Sox, but at this point it's pretty obvious a bigger win for Boston. They won the Series and have room to operate under the luxury tax, while Los Angeles will probably be paying penalties for the foreseeable future and they're committed to their end of the of the deal for several years.

But enough about that trade. The Dodgers are in a good position to compete despite the financial issues of the present and future. And they appear to be extremely dedicated to improving their roster, no matter the details.

They've already signed Cuban defector Alexander Guerrero to a four-year deal worth $28M and he seems to be slated to start at second base after the Dodgers declined Mark Ellis' option.

Free agents

Michael Young, Ricky Nolasco, Juan Uribe, Carlos Marmol, Jerry Hairston, Edinson Volquez, Skip Schumaker, Nick Punto, J.P. Howell, Brian Wilson, Mark Ellis, and Chris Capuano

The stars are all still there, but that's a long list of role players that might not be back next year. LA should be able to handle the losses in the rotation, especially if they bring in another starter this winter. They could go with Dee Gordon (who is practicing his outfield defense in the Dominican winter league) at shortstop, with Hanley Ramirez at third and Guerrero at second to complete their infield. But adding a player seems to be their only real option. They might opt to use Gordon as a versatile bench player/pinch runner, where he could provide some value, but the Son of Flash has struggled to find a regular role at the Major League level. The bullpen looks like it could use a little sprucing up too.


IF, Bench, RP

Even if GM Ned Colletti decides to go with Gordon at short, he will need quality reserves in the infield. Being able to supply manager Don Mattingly with a versatile group of players could go a long way toward helping the Dodgers get to the World Series. They can use some of their prospects in the bullpen, but could also look to the market for a solid lefty and depth.

Trade Pieces

OF, Pitching

They have four "starting" outfielders, but they might want to keep some kind of depth since Carl Crawford has a proclivity for injures. And they might no have a choice. They could try to move one of Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, or Crawford, but it won't be easy to get fair value in return considering those players' performance and cumbersome contracts. The Dodgers farm system has enough talent to land some significant talent on the trade market. It wouldn't be a stretch at all to assume LA would empty out their system for the right immediate contributor.

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