Athletics offseason: Complementing the next wave

Ezra Shaw

Only Boston won more regular season games than the A's, but can their young rotation lead them to the playoffs again?

The A's have another impressive crop of young pitchers in majors. They seem to be set in the rotation for as long as GM Billy Beane decides to keep these guys around.

Sonny Gray, A.J. Griffin, Jarrod Parker, Dan Straily, and Tommy Milone could form a solid rotation. Beane might decide to bring in a veteran or two on a flier to ensure he doesn't have to rush anyone through the farm.

Brett Anderson could help as well, but Beane may try to move him due to his injury history, though he might still fetch something useful with his potential upside.

With Coco Crisp at the top of the order, and Yoenis Cespedes, Brandon Moss, and the staggering revelation that Josh Donaldson has become in the middle, the A's have a solid core of bats to work with.

Free agents

Grant Balfour, Bartolo Colon, Kurt Suzuki, and Chris Young

The A's are interested in bringing back Bartolo Colon, but after his rejuvenation in 2013, he might get some offers that lead him away from the frugal grasp of Oakland.



Not much needs changing. Billy Beane just needs to figure out how to get his shit to work in the playoffs. He might consider adding a relievers or two, but the rotation is pretty deep and the position players seem to be set with Callaspo, Lowrie, and Eric Sogard as the moving parts in the infield. The outfield is well-stocked too, with Michael Choice stepping into Chris Young's spot and perhaps tapping into his first-round pedigree.

The bullpen could use another arm or two, but the A's might be able to find help within their own organization. Ryan Cook or Sean Doolittle will probably take over as closer.

Trade Pieces

Jemile Weeks, Brett Anderson, Eric Sogard, prospects

Beane isn't likely to move any prospects, so the most likely trade candidate is Anderson. He might not bring back anything that could help the club immediately, but the A's are always looking for ways to plan for the future. Jemile Weeks and Eric Sogard could be used as trade bait.

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