Tigers' Cesar Carrillo suspended 100 games

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers won't even have the option to add Cesar Carrillo to their 25-man roster anytime soon. The righty has been suspended for 100 games.

While 50-game suspensions feel like they are becoming more common place, the 100-game suspension is still rare. However, Cesar Carrillo defied the odds and has been suspended 100 games. The exact reason given by Major League Baseball is for "violating the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program," says Ken Rosenthal.

Does this mean Carrillo, a pitcher in the Detroit Tigers organization, failed a drug test? Does this suspension directly stem from Carrillo's name being tied to the Biogenesis scandal? These questions may or may not be answered as Major League Baseball does not usually offer specifics on minor leaguers who are suspended. Major Leaguers are protected by the Player's Association, so the reason for the suspension is often released as part of the player's defense. In one way or another, we learn why a Major Leaguer was suspended more often than we do a minor leaguer. But there are some things to consider with Carrillo's case.

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Carrillo is the third player who once played for the University of Miami to be hit with drug penalties. The other two are Ryan Braun and Yasmani Grandal. Obviously, Braun had his suspension overturned. Grandal did not.

Ken Rosenthal says Carrillo's suspension stems from his name being linked in the Biogenesis documents. However, there has been no confirmation of this from MLB. It is still possible that he failed a drug test and was suspended for that in correlation to his connection to Biogenesis. If he was suspended simply because of his ties to the now-defunct anti-aging clinic, it would be surprising.

Carrillo has had very little Major League service time. He is a career minor leaguer. At 28 years old, Carrillo has spent eight seasons in the minors. He did make a brief appearance with the San Diego Padres in 2009. The unfortunate ties to San Diego players and PEDs continues.

In his minor league career, Carrillo has a 30-51 record and a 5.51 ERA. In 2009, he posted 13.06 ERA in three starts with the Padres.


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