Dodgers rumors: Hanley Ramirez could miss two months

Mike Ehrmann

After a diving play at third base in the WBC finale, Hanley Ramirez injured his right thumb. Now, the Dodgers fear he could miss up to two months.

It might be a little premature for the team to be making predictions, but how in the world are you going to start getting money in on the office injury pool otherwise? The Los Angeles Dodgers do not expect the results of Hanley Ramirez's MRI until Thursday, but the club has already received some preliminary estimates for the third baseman's potential downtime.

True Blue LA: Withrow Optioned

Ken Gurnick of says the club has spoke with Team Dominicana's doctors about an initial estimate for Ramirez's injury. Apparently, it could range from two weeks to 10 weeks. Eric Stephen of True Blue LA points out that even at two weeks, Ramirez will miss Opening Day. But, that's a pretty large span of time to be working with (between 2-10 weeks), so the Dodgers are surely eager to get the results of the MRI back. A mild sprain would likely lead to two weeks. However, something more serious (you know, like a fracture or a tear), could lead to up to 10 weeks on the DL.

Ramirez suffered the injury while diving for a ball hit between third base and shortstop. His thumb jammed into the infield and he was in immediate pain. While it looked like Ramirez was trying to shake the injury off, he was removed from the game. This could be yet another unfortunate injury that fuels the fire of those against the World Baseball Classic.

The Dodgers didn't want Ramirez to play in the World Baseball Classic at all, and if he did, they didn't want him to play third base. The injury adds insult to…injury. Ramirez is a key part of the Dodgers' incredibly expensive offense. To lose him for any period of time will be difficult to overcome.

Ramirez was acquired via trade with the Miami Marlins on July 25th. He had been struggling in Miami, and really, he had struggled for the past two seasons. Once he transitioned to the Dodgers, the change of scenery may have helped. Ramirez hit 25 points higher in batting average with the Dodgers last year. Overall, Ramirez is a .298/.371/.495 hitter in his career.

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