New York rumors & news: Teixeira, Vladimir Guerrero, K-Rod


The New York Yankees are in full-on crisis mode. But they're not the only team in town. The Mets are looking for answers and trying to get better everyday.

New York City is abuzz with baseball news. It's good to get baseball in the spotlight (especially with the Knicks working on a playoff run soon), but injuries and unwarranted advances from unwanted closers are not the headlines the Yankees and the Mets are looking for. Here's a rundown of all the New York news of late:

Tex's Size Problem

If you were thinking to yourself injuries to Alex Rodriguez, Curtis Granderson, and Phil Hughes were not enough to de-rail the Yankees, the injury gods had something special in store for you today. Mark Teixeira's strained wrist, the one that was supposed to keep him out for a couple weeks, will now cost him 8-10 weeks. The Yankees are faced with $60+ million worth of injuries projected to be sitting on the bench come Opening Day. It's hard for any team to overcome that. So what's the club going to do about it?

  • The team is targeting corner infielders. They have Kevin Youkilis who can play both first base and third base, so the club is open to seeking out help at either position now. Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News says team will look for these potential replacement, then they will play Youkilis wherever the best fit is.
  • As the rumors spilled out that the Yankees would target corner infielders, Brian Cashman found the time to make a quick joke. Apparently the club will be looking at a pool of first basemen and third basemen, but apparently it's like a baby pool.

"It's kind of like a baby pool. A lot of kids pee in it."

  • Pinstriped Bible is in mourning so tread quietly as you check out their stream with constantly updating news on the Teixeira injury. Seriously, let them mourn in peace. The Yankees had a good run.
  • If you're still curious about some possible replacement for Tex, check out Steph Bee's suggestions. There's a large (baby) pool of candidates, but the Yankees will have to be careful in any trade they make. Remember, both the Teixeira and Granderson injuries are not long-term in the grand scheme of a baseball season.
  • Unleash the Impaler

    Now that the Yankees are in the market for a - well - for an anything, really, players who otherwise would never have crossed Brian Cashman's mind may be doing so now. Or at very least, they'll be crossing his phone. As CA Sports Management reminds us, Vladimir Guerrero can play first base:


    K-Rod wants redemption!

    Francisco Rodriguez's stay in New York did not end well. Domestic violence charges, locker room drama, and an eventual trade is how the Mets and K-Rod said their good-byes. Now, Rodriguez wants to redeem himself. The only problem with that is, the Mets don't really want or need him.

    Amazin' Avenue: Top 50 Mets of All-Time

    • The nostalgic feelings (or guilt, not sure) spewing from K-Rod stems from his appearance against his former team as a member of Venezuela's WBC team. Rodriguez acknowledges his fall from grace while pitching for the Mets, and he wants to fix that says Mike Vorkunov of the Star-Ledger.


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