AL Central notes: Julio Borbon, Tigers closer solution? Dayton Moore

Bob Levey

Taking a look at the news and notes from the AL Central.

The AL Central is a division expected to be dominated by the Tigers, but so far it has been anything but. Let's take a look at the buzz in the AL Central at the moment.

Twins in on Borbon?

When the Rangers DFA'd Julio Borbon recently, it certainly was expected that there would be interest in the centerfielder. The Twins are a natural fit, with the young Aaron Hicks currently manning the pastures of Target Field. They were reportedly linked to Borbon, who would provide them with a good option if they chose to send Hicks to Triple-A for some extra seasoning.

I think Borbon would be a great addition for Minnesota, because he would allow them to send Hicks down for more development. He would also allow them to save the service time on the young and talented Hicks, as it does not make sense to use that time up now when they are not particularly good. Borbon also carries a decent amount of upside, and he could become a valuable piece for them moving forwards. Obviously it would be costly to acquire the outfielder, so it's not going to be a slam-dunk move.

Benoit to close for Detroit

The Tigers Closer Race 2013 has come to an end, and Joaquin Benoit has come out ahead. Detroit will use him as their closer, and he will hopefully provide the team with a solution to their issues there. It has been a perplexing issue for them, so some closure will certainly be helpful.

Personally, I think it is overblown. As much as I respect the mental aspect of pitching, I just don't see why a team needs a designated closer. Either way, Detroit will be going with it, and it makes sense as he is their highest-paid reliever.

Is Dayton Moore a tinkerer?

Royals Review takes an interesting look at when Dayton Moore has made the first alteration to his Opening Day roster in the past, and finds some interesting results. I think it would be interesting to see this on a larger scale, to see which GMs tinker with their rosters more than others. I would imagine that better teams wouldn't tinker with their rosters as often, because if you have better players then you won't have to worry about making changes very frequently.

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