What a difference a year makes.

Going through my daily check of the major league standings for all six divisions,I decided to take a look back at what the standings looked like exactly one year ago. Let me just say, for the most part they don't reflect what teams look like now.

* At this moment the Houston Astros hold the 2nd worst record in baseball. On May 25th, 2012 the Astros were 22-23 with a .489 winning percentage. At that time they had a better winning percentage than the Tigers and Athletics. As we know, both of those teams won their divisions.

Playing in the NL Central the Astros were only 3 games back of the Reds for the division lead. Things never got better for Houston as they finished up their final season in
the National League with the leagues worst record of 55-107.

Now playing in the American League West, the Astros are still in last place with a 14-34 record. But at least they won't carry the worst record in the league. And here's why.

* Last season the Miami Marlins spent a ton of money to attract some of the biggest stars on the market. Through May 25th the Marlins were right in the thick of things in the NL East. With a 25-21 record, the Fish were 2 1/2 games behind the Nationals.

As the Marlins started to struggle they slowly fell out of the playoff race and began selling off players left and right. Though the major fire sale didn't happen until after the season, the Marlins still dealt away Anibal Sanchez and Hanley Ramirez.

After a 69-93 finish the Marlins began the full on fire sale as the traded off Heath Bell, Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Emilio Bonifacio, Mark Buerhle, and John Buck. They now stand as the worst baseball team in the major with a 13-35 record.

* With the Indians playing aw well as they did at this time a year ago, the Detroit Tigers occupied 3rd place in the AL Central. At 21-24 the Tigers were 5 games behind the Tribe for 1st place.

Cleveland couldn't hold their division lead as the 2nd half of the season rolled around and that brought the White Sox as the Central's leader for most of the rest of the season. But the Tigers went on a playoff run to overtake the Sox and claim the crown in the Central, finishing 88-74.

Coming off his triple crown season, Miguel Cabrera leads the Tigers in another hunt to return to the World Series as the Tigers currently hold a 0.5 game lead over the Indians. Cabrera is also on the hunt to win his 2nd straight triple crown, leading the league in RBI's and batting average.

*The Mets were lead by good starting pitching and a lot of timely hitting before Johan Santana fell apart after his no-hitter and that timely hitting stopped showing up. New York, 25-21, finished roughly at 74-88, and eventually traded away Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey.

The NL East was at this time the most competitive division in baseball. All five teams were about the .500 mark at this time with the Nationals leading the charge and eventually went on to win their East crown.

Five teams were over .500 a year ago, and now only the Braves and Nationals are have a positive winning percentage with the Marlins in last, the Mets are having a down year in 4th, and the Phillies are hanging around at 23-25.

It's always fun to look back at the past, but the present is still where all the fun is. I just can't wait to look at what things looked like May 25th, 2014. Who knows what we'll be talking about then?

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