MLB trade rumors: Top DH/1B trade candidates


As the season progresses the real contenders will start to separate themselves from the pretenders. Many of these teams will start looking at options to improve their club to gear up for the playoffs.

With the recent injury to Mark Teixeira a problem that many contending teams share is an impact DH/1st baseman type of player, a position that certain contending teams lack due to injury or simply not having it.

I will look at three of these type of players who could be acquired as rental players as they are in the last year of their contracts.

20130516_kdl_ae5_016USA TODAY Sports

Michael Morse:

Though currently on the disabled list Morse can add an instant presence to any line up when healthy. The 31-year-old 1B/OF can mash left-handed pitchers with 5HKR and 12 RBI’s in 89 PAs against them in 2013.

In addition to that he is hitting .304 against southpaws. He is on the last year of his contract so we have to see what teams are willing to pay for this rest of the season rental player. But once again he could possibly be the biggest risk/reward -type player on this list.

20130608_mje_at5_823USA TODAY Sports

Paul Konerko:

The 37 year old Konerko has started to swing the bat better lately. He is currently on a 6-game hitting streak and has raised his batting average over 20 points the past 10 games.

He has been a consistent slugger in his big league career so time will tell if the slump was just that or if father time is catching up to him. He will have to waive his no-trade clause in order to be traded.

169671823Photo credit: Denis Poroy

Kendrys Morales:

Though the 29-year old is playing more as a designated hitter this year with the Mariners he still has the ability to play 1st base. It was just a few years ago that he received MVP votes while playing with the Angels in 2009 but an ankle injury seriously derailed his career.

He is on the Last year of his contract and if made available by the Mariners probably wouldn’t cost that much to acquire. He’s had his good moments with the stick this year but kind of struggling as of lately. Morales could be a good cheap option for contending teams in need of a DH or a 1st baseman.

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