Arizona’s interest in Gallardo does not make sense


As rumored earlier this week, the Arizona Diamondbacks have expressed interest in Milwaukee Brewers ace Yovani Gallardo. The Brewers would reportedly like to move Gallardo for a significant young pitcher, like southpaw Tyler Skaggs.

However, Steve Gilbert of says Skaggs isn't available:

This goes to show that the Diamondbacks really want to try and keep Skaggs, even with his down numbers in AAA Reno. His ERA is up to 4.26 in eleven starts with Reno. My question is though, why do the Diamondbacks even have interest in Gallardo at all?

The Diamondbacks are expressing that they want a pitcher they can rely on in every outing, but is Gallardo really that pitcher? I understand that both Wade Miley and Ian Kennedy aren't having ideal seasons, Kennedy is especially concerning with his K/9 being down and his HR/9 is up from last season, but in my eyes it doesn't seem that Gallardo will really bolster that rotation to keep them in first in the tough NL West.

Gallardo is obviously having an off year, his K/9 is standing at 7.3 which is almost two strikeouts less then what he normally averages which is 9 K’s. Also, his WHIP is up and so is his H/9. The biggest concern though is Gallardo’s K/9, because Gallardo is known for generating a lot of strikeouts, which he is relatively still doing, but he is giving up almost two more hits per nine innings every outing this season. Along with all these qualities of Gallardo being out of wack, he’s also only pitching on average about five and two-third innings per start, which doesn’t even qualify for a quality start!

I would seriously not consider Yovani Gallardo an ace anymore with the ways he has been pitching as of late, but if a team is looking for a good number two or three for their rotation then Gallardo could be their guy. The good thing about him is that he still has one more year on his contract, with an option for 2015. His contract in 2014 is worth 11 million, while his option in 2015 is worth 13 million. Now that is a pretty expensive price for a guy who is only on average giving you about six innings. It seems that the cons are way out weighing the pros when it comes to deciding if a team should trade for Gallardo or not.

With the trade deadline quickly approaching, the Brewers are going to have to make a decision on whether to try and trade Gallardo, or let him try and straighten himself out. If they decide to trade him though, there are more than just the Diamondbacks that will be interested in some starting pitching help.

Other teams that are looking for some pitching help include: the Cleveland Indians, San Diego Padres, Texas Rangers, Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Colorado Rockies. Now three of the teams mentioned all belong to the NL West, so you can bet that one of those teams will acquire a new starting pitcher in some way or another. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if none of them expressed any interest in Gallardo, because as I’ve said before he just doesn’t seem to have the same kind of stuff as we’ve seen in the past.

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