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Masahiro Tanaka's contract is already a bargain

Japanese right-handers with impossibly filthy splitters are the new market efficiency. The Yankees just realized it before everyone else.

Pirates' trade for Davis what it means for Polanco

The Pirates plug a hole in their first base platoon, but there's another place in the line-up that is not producing. Sitting in third, six games back, Neal Huntington may be forced to break character and call up Gregory Polanco six weeks early.

New York Mets: What's the plan here?

Between signing Granderson and Colon and trading Ike Davis, there's got to be something going on. We're just not sure what it is.

Cardinals considering Martinez to replace Kelly

If Kelly's injury causes an "extended absence," Martinez will be considered to replace him.

Tigers or Rangers: Who is winning The Trade?

It may be early, but that doesn't mean it's too early to look at who is winning the Prince Fielder for Ian Kinsler trade.

Should the Royals extend Ventura already?

Like a fever sweeping over the land, young players are being locked into deals that cut into their free agent years. Should the Royals consider locking up Ventura after five career starts?

Starting pitcher market: Buyers and targets

The recent rash of injuries to starting pitchers has left a number of teams lacking in the rotation.

Did Springer strong-arm the Astros?

Springer's wrangling with Houston might signify a new wrinkle in the economy of Major League Baseball.

2014 MLB Contract Extensions: Who's Winning?

Translation: Who is spending the most money in the most effective way possible?

Good thing the Rays didn't trade David Price, huh?

Everyone thought they'd be better off trading him, but now they're probably glad they didn't.


Archie Bradley could be in Arizona soon

One of the game's best pitching prospects could help the D-backs solve their problem in the rotation, but he can't fix it by himself.

Jim Johnson, The Duke of Hazard, takes his seat

Johnson, owner of an 18.90 ERA through five appearances and the key contributor to three blown saves for Oakland, is relieved of his closing duties. $10MM well spent?

Is Josh Hamilton really injury prone?

Hamilton is a talented hitter and an often-hampered athlete, but most of all, he's a magnet for the media.

Larger implications of the Yunel Escobar extension

Yunel Escobar's checkered past pays dividends for Friedman, Tampa.

Kipnis takes the Carpenter deal

Who got the better deal: St. Louis or Cleveland?

MLB Daily Dish Staff Predictions

The MLB Daily Dish staff tries to predict the outcomes of the 2014 season.

If Jose Valverde fails, who's next in line?

Bobby Parnell might be done for the year, and Papa Grande's superstitious spitting robot routine might not translate in 2014.

2014 Season Preview: Oakland Athletics

Platoons, platoons, and more platoons.

2014 Season Preview: The Washington Nationals

The 2013 incarnation of the Washington Nationals underachieved. Can more of the same be expected, or will they recapture the National League East?

2014 Season Preview: Texas Rangers

The Rangers look great on paper, but injuries could prove to be their derailment.

Cabrera's deal is crazy, but what did you expect?

If the average fan can see that Miggy's new deal is probably going to get ugly, the Tigers probably can too.

2014 Season Preview: Los Angeles Angels

The Angels revamped their roster this offseason, and all eyes are set on ending their four-year playoff drought.

2014 Season Preview: The Philadelphia Phillies

The 2013 Phillies were even worse than their Win-Loss Record indicates. Can things be better this season for Philadelphia, or will it be more of the same (or worse)?

Offseason Review: San Francisco Giants

It's a personal statement about the team itself!

2014 Season Preview: St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals have seemingly discovered the secret to baseball success. Is it visualization? Prayer? Alien DNA? And just how good can they be in 2014?

2014 Season Preview: Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates emerged from a 20 year slumber, reaching the postseason for the first time since 1992. Can they do it again?

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