MLB Experts

What do the experts think of Santana's new deal?

How did the baseball world respond to Santana's new deal with Atlanta?

Nelson Cruz reactions

On a one-year deal, Cruz appears to be a good deal for the Orioles.

Who will sign Ubaldo Jimenez?

Perhaps the best free agent still remaining, Ubaldo Jimenez's market is limited.

Kershaw reaction: He's worth every penny

Clayton Kershaw is the best pitcher in the game and now he is also its highest paid player, so all is right in the world.

Taking a look at the Reds' outlook in 2014

Thus far this offseason, the Cincinnati Reds have watched as division rivals such as the St. Louis Cardinals have bettered themselves through trades and free agency, while the Reds have done little to improve their roster. Has Cincinnati done enough

Rangers do well in adding Choo

In adding Shin-Soo Choo, the Rangers significantly improve their playoff odds for 2014.

Reed-Davidson Trade Reactions

If you like Matt Davidson, you'll love this deal for the White Sox, but not everyone loves Matt Davidson.

Trumbo trade reactions

A big-time, three-team trade went down in baseball earlier today. Here's how everyone reacted.

Halladay Retirement Reactions

As Halladay surprised the baseball world with his retirement today, see how Twitter reacted.

Jacoby Ellsbury reaction roundup

A variety of experts' takes on the Yankees' signing of Jacoby Ellsbury.


Experts like McCann deal

Initial reactions to the Yankees' most recent acquisition have been generally favorable.

Fielder-Kinsler Trade Reactions

In swapping Ian Kinsler and Prince Fielder, the Rangers and Tigers have pulled off one of baseball's most challenging feats; they have made a blockbuster trade that no one really hates.

Giants sign Hudson: 'I'd take that bet'

Reactions towards Tim Hudson's signing with the Giants have generally been favorable for both sides.

Indians rotation outlook

With several key names bound to depart, how can the Indians rebuild their rotation for 2014?

Brad Ausmus: Great, good-looking hire

The consensus is in -- everybody loves the Tigers-Ausmus pairing and projects good things to come. What's your reaction?

A market for Kendrys Morales?

The Mariners plan on offering 1B/DH Kendrys Morales a qualifying offer. CBS' Jon Heyman reports Morales is likely to reject the offer in favor of a longer deal on the open market.

Morneau trade reactions

The experts take on the Pirates' acquisition of slugger Justin Morneau.

Why would the Dodgers want Nolasco?

Here's what we're discussing deep in the basement of SB Nation MLB headquarters.

Aroldis Chapman: Cautionary Conversion Tales

In 2012, three prominent relievers made the jump and experienced three very different outcomes. The Reds can learn something from each as they finally push Chapman into the rotation.

Felix Hernadez Contract: Mileage, Not Years

Felix Hernandez has a new seven-year deal. Though any such contract entails risks, have the Mariners brought him up carefully enough to mitigate them?

Pirates gamble on upside

Players like Jerry Sands, Francisco Liriano, and Travis Snider are the kind of reclamation projects with enough upside to be worthy of the risk.

Doping allegations: What happens now?

What's next? What impact, if any, will the report have on the game of baseball and its players, specifically those linked to Biogenesis?

A-Rod done in the Bronx?

Could the lastest chapter in the A-Rod saga be his last?

Mets' Interest in Michael Bourn all for show?

The Mets have come out of nowhere to jump in the lead in the bidding for Michael Bourn, but is their interest genuine or is it just for show?

Justin Upton trade: The whole story

As the dust settles on the 2nd or 3rd largest trade of the offseason (let that simmer in your head for a moment), let's take a look back at how this whole thing happened.

White Sox Pitchers are Very Left-Handed: So What?

The White Sox are set to have a highly imbalanced pitching staff, perhaps one of the most heavily left-handed of the last 40 years. Is that a competitive advantage or disadvantage?

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