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136 Million for Soriano; Lee, Drew, To Receive Big Pay Days

Now that teams pursuing Alfonso Soriano will have to turn to plan B, it puts J.D. Drew and Carlos Lee in line to recieve huge pay days. However, according to the Houston Chronicle, the Astros have made a five year 60 million dollar deal. It will probably take more than that for him to commit, but it does set a minimum in negotiations for Lee. The Orioles, who were one of many teams in line for Soriano are expected to make a serious run at Carlos Lee, according to Jason Stark. This would be the time to do it too, it appears the Yankees are falling behind the Red Sox and if the Orioles can sign Lee, it will put them not far behind the Yankees in the AL East. The Phillies, where everyone thought Soriano was heading will now have to hold onto Pat Burrell and David Dellucci. The Angels, who came out early and said their priorities included signing Aramis Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano are now forced to find another way to put themselves ahead in that tight AL West. Both Lee and Drew can now command close to 70 million over 5 years. Teams that have shown interest in signing Carlos Lee are the Astors, Rangers, Orioles, Angels, Giants, and Dodgers. Teams that have shown interest in signing J.D. Drew are the Angels, Red Sox, Rangers, White Sox, Astros, and Indians. The Cubs still have 25 million to spend, so do not rule them out trying to add another one of these players. However, they have three holes in their rotation that need to be filled so I am sure the money will go towards that.