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About Eli

Eli founded MLB Rumors in November 2006, and still maintains it everyday. His perseverance in its first couple months in service allowed the site to receive 10,000 hits a day just one month after its grand opening.

Eli, who is just seventeen years old, lives in Chicago with his family. He is a junior at a local high school and has taken a liking to journalism, communications, and business as a future career possibilities. It started as a hobby, and remains a hobby today, but Eli has made several connections and has learned more about the game on and off the field than ever imagined.

Eli has consulted several fans about Fantasy trades and such, but he has even consulted a couple of agents on their players. Recently, he was interviewed by Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times and will be featured in the Pioneer Press, a suburban newspaper that covers the greater Chicagoland area.

If you wish to email Eli, he can be reached at