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AL Central Update

White Sox: The White Sox, who have a "gross" amount of pitching, will probably look to acquire something that will help them in the near future. The Yankees have shown interest in acquiring Freddy Garcia while the Rangers have inquired about Javier Vasquez.

Royals: The Royals are looking at these second tier pitchers to sign. Gil Meche and Miguel Batista top their list, but it appears Meche and Batista have drawn interest from other teams early, and they might be too late to join the sweepstakes.

Twins: The Twins have interest in trading for Jason Jennings, a report coming out of Minnesota states. The lastest news, Justin Morneau has won the AL MVP defeating Derek Jeter and David Ortiz.

Tigers: The Tigers have been quiet since acquiring Gary Sheffield, but they are certainly not done. They continue to dangle Mike Maroth and Marcus Thames to acquire some sort of upgrade at starting pitching, or in the field.

Indians: It appears are close to trading Jake Westbrook to the Cubs. However, it is unclear who it is for. Rumors have stirred saying it will be for Sean Marshall and two minor leaguers, but it has yet to be determined.