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AL West Update

Angels: The Angels are looking to sign J.D. Drew and after losing out on their two prime targets, it would not surprise me if they make a hard run for him. A new report surfaced today that hinted at the Angels making a run for Barry Zito.

Athletics: The Athletics are working hard to sign Barry Bonds. The A's, who lost the major source of power in Frank Thomas, will look to add Barry Bonds. However, if Bonds wants to much money, the A's will have to turn players with less power or trading away a prospect or two for a decent run producer.

Rangers: The Rangers have contacted the Red Sox about a trade for Manny Ramirez. However, the Red Sox will have to forfeit Michael Young and someone else to acquire him. The Rangers are also showing interest in trading for Javier Vasquez.

Mariners: The Mariners continue to make a run for Jason Schmidt hoping they have the inside track because it is where he lives. The Mariners also added Michael Garciaparra to their 40-man roster, protecting him from the Rule 5 draft. Also added to the 40-man roster were outfielders Bryan Lahair and Mike Wilson and left-handed pitcher Ryan Rowland-Smith.