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Alfonso Soriano and J.D. Drew Update

The list keeps growing and growing for Alfonso Soriano. The Cubs, Phillies, Angels, Astros, Dodgers, Mets, and Orioles. The Phillies are expected to offer a deal around 6 years 15 million annually. I think he will seek more than that and I see a team like the Angels, who lost out on Aramis Ramirez, offering a 5-6 year deal, 16-17 annually.

Well, the rumor that the Cubs made an offer to J.D. Drew was false, for now. However, the Red Sox have made an offer, but the numbers were not disclosed. Other teams expected to be interested are the Orioles, Rangers, White Sox, Cubs, Astros, Indians, and Red Sox. Boras is his agent, so he will ask for money. The Cubs have a decent history with Boras and so do the Red Sox. The Astros and White Sox are not the biggest fans of Boras though, so I see them stepping away. With the GM Meetings this week, a lot more will unfold about the fate of Drew.

Source: ESPN