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Astros Make Offers To Williams, Lee, and Soriano

The Houston Astros have made offers to Woody Williams, Carlos Lee, and Alfonso Soriano according to MLB officials. The Astros are close to a deal with Wood Williams but no source has said whether the Astros have met with Soriano or Lee. Lee, who has a ranch in Houston appears to be a favorite to go there. However, no reports have even suggested that Soriano would go to Houston. The Cubs, Phillies, and Angels appear to be the favorites to land him, all pursuing him seriously. He expects to get a deal similar to Beltran around 6-7 years 110-120 million. All four teams have the money to spend in just depends on which team is most aggressive in getting him to commit. The Phillies have met with his reps and if other teams want to keep up with them, they will need to do the same, or meet with Soriano himself.

Source: Houston Chronicle