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Barry Bonds: Is He Done?

Barry Bonds is entering the free agent market and teams are supposedly interested. The Giants and Rangers appear to be the only known suitors. However, will anyone eagerly pursue him. No, why would they? He batted .270 with 26 homers and 77 RBI's. He doesn't deserve anything over 10 million. If he stays in baseball, he will stay with the Giants. But, if your Brian Sabean, why would you take a slumping "left fielder" who's knees are failing? I say, let him walk and let him find a job in the AL.

My Guess: Giants

Here's a thought: If Barry Bonds decides to stay in baseball to break the record, what if teams joined together and did not pitch to him. Not once, walked him every time they have a base open. He does not deserve to break the record and I think by not pitching to him will make a good point that he is not respected in baseball for the controversy that has surrounded him over the past few years.