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Blue Jays Chatter

Toronto GM J.P. Ricciardi has begun to burn his thrusters in the free agent market going after 2B Adam Kennedy, P Gil Meche, P Mark Mulder, and P Vicente Padillia. If the Blue Jays are able to sign Kennedy, who is being pursued by five other teams, they would be able to move Aaron Hill to shortstop. Kennedy batted .273 with 4 HR, 55 RBI, and 16 SB. The Jays have contacted the agents of Meche, Mulder, and Padilla and believe that they are the favorite to land Meche. However, numerous teams have been in discussions with Meche, Padilla, and even Mulder. Meche, who played under Lou Piniella, has expressed his desire to play in Chicago. However, he may want to stay in the AL. The Blue Jays may also over pay to acquire a pitcher to fill Lilly's spot. According to the Sun-Times, the Cubs and Paul Kinzer, Padilla's agent, have had many discussions about Padilla pitching in Chicago. Although Ricciardi has contacted all these pitchers, more than ten teams have talked with Padilla about pitching for them. Padilla, Mulder, and Meche are all expected to make decisions during or soon after the Winter Meetings.

2006 Stats:

Gil Meche: 186.2 IP 11-8 4.48 ERA 156 K

Vicente Padilla: 200.0 IP 15-10 4.50 ERA 156 K

Mark Mulder: 93.1 IP 6-7 7.14 ERA 50 K