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Breaking Down The Soriano Signing

The Cubs have signed Soriano to an 8 year-136 million dollar contract. That is 17 million a year, which he wanted but for 6-7 years. This is a huge contract, year wise, but will help the Cubs for at least the near future. Soriano will still be a dominant player for at least 5 to 6 years and I'm sure there is at least an opt clause somewhere in this contract. The Cubs wanted to increase there payroll to 120-130 million this off-season, and after signing Soriano, they still have room to get another pitcher, maybe two, and at least trade for one. The Cubs are looking into Jake Westbrook, Cliff Lee, and Jason Jennings. They are looking to sign one of the following pitchers: Ted Lilly, Vicente Padilla, Randy Wolf, Gil Meche, and Kei Igawa. This signing gives the Cubs some good leverage in negotiating with some of these pitchers who will fell more comfortable with our offensive, and defense.