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BREAKING NEWS: Cubs Sign Alfonso Soriano

According to ESPN, the Cubs have signed Alfonso Soriano to an eight year-136 million dollar contract. This tops the Cubs offseason and it is only the first week. They have already signed Ramirez, DeRosa, Wood, Miller, Blanco, and now Alfonso Soriano. Lou Piniella has come to Chicago and told Hendry he wants a winner. This in no way was a rebuilding year, the Cubs went out and said they want to field a winning team, and so far, that is what they have done. Now the Cubs have tons of credibility in negotiating with other pitchers who want to come to an offensive power house in Chicago.

2007 Cubs Lineup:
Zambrano, Hill, FA, FA, Miller/Cotts
C-Michael Barrett
1B- Derrek Lee
2B-Mark DeRosa
3B- Aramis Ramirez
SS- Cesar Izturiz
OF- Matt Murton*
OF- Alfonso Soriano
OF- Jacque Jones

*It has been reported the Matt Murton might be in a deal to acquire pitching. Possibly to the Indians for Jake Westbrook or Cliff Lee.