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Carlos Lee, Woody Williams Sign With Astros

According to KRIV-TV in Houston, the Astros have agreed to a six year deal with Carlos Lee. The deal is a total of 100 million. The Orioles, Phillies, and Giants were all in desperate need of a power hitter like Carlos Lee, and will have to look elsewhere. J.D. Drew's name comes up as a possible fallback player, but he maybe moving along in his negotiations with the Red Sox. Now after two deals for outfielders have exceeded 100 million, Drew might command a lot more than 80 million. Carlos Lee, who lives just outside of Houston, was expected to sign with Houston since he became a free agent.

The Astros have also agreed to a two year, 12.5 million dollar deal with Woody Williams. Williams, who won 12 games with the Padres, will look to take the number 3 spot in that rotation.