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Cities Differ on Bonds

November 18, 2006

San Fransico Chronicle: "
Barry Bonds to the A's? Not so fast. Despite talk that the A's are interested in signing Bonds to a 2007 contract, replacing Frank Thomas as designated hitter, a club source said it probably won't happen."

Oakland Tribune: "In addition to Barry Bonds, the A's have spoken with the agent for Moises Alou, assistant general manager David Forst confirmed, although Forst stressed the team "has talked with a lot of agents. It's part of the job during the free-agency period. A lot of candidates exist to replace Frank Thomas as the A's designated hitter, and the two most intriguing are from across the Bay. New manager Bob Geren called Bonds "the best player I've ever seen," and that putting his name in the lineup is something he's thought about recently. I couldn't imagine anybody who would not want him on his team."

So what is really happen? I let this one untangle itself, I still think he will stay with the Giants, but he really feels he can play better as DH, he will probably end up in Oakland where he will be loved by his new fans. However, that will not stop the hate from every other team he faces.