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Cubs To Pursue Julio Lugo, Jason Schmidt

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs continue to pursue Julio Lugo. He played shortstop for Lou Piniella in Tampa, but the Cubs maybe want him to play center field. Lugo is so versatile that it would make sense that if the Cubs were to sign him, they would try him in center, and trade one of their corner outfielders so Soriano could move to one of the corners. He is asking for three to four years, 8 million annually. So, if the Cubs did sign him, they could try him in center, and once Felix Pie was ready, they could move him to shortstop. Lugo, who has been a number two hitter nearly his whole career, and would fit perfectly in this Cubs lineup. Cesar Izturis's contract expires after this year, so signing Lugo to a long term deal, playing him in center this year, and then moving him to shortstop would fit perfectly from the Cubs future plans with Pie, 21. For now, the Cubs main priority is pitching, they need two pitchers. My guess is that they will sign someone, probably Gil Meche, and then trade for someone, probably Jason Jennings or Jake Westbrook. After they announce there lack of pitching and sign a pitcher, I think they will look into their outfield situation.

According to ESPN 1000, the Cubs have made an offer to Jason Schmidt. The offer is estimated at 3 years 45 million dollars. He reported the Alfonso Soriano deal and it is very possible with the way Hendry is going after players that this is true. More details will have to unfold over the next couple of days to make this source credible. Bruce Levine was saying now that the Cubs have Soriano, it will draw players like Schmidt who want to win to a team that is trying to win.