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Cubs To Pursue Kei Igawa, dump Pierre

Since the Cubs did want win the Matsuzaka sweepstakes, they are expected to agressively pursue Igawa. Although other teams will also pursue him, the Cubs have expressed interest in acquiring pitching, and if they fail on both Matsuzaka and Igawa, the fans will not be happy. The Braves, Dodgers, Mariners, Yankees and Mets are some of the other teams considering bids for Igawa. The Red Sox are another possibility, though they'd probably drop out of the mix if the rumors they've secured Daisuke Matsuzaka's rights are true. Igawa, went 14-9 and has led strikeout totals 3-6 years. The Cubs have already said they will not pursue Juan Pierre. Pierre, started off slow, but picked up very quickly and ended the year nicely. The Cubs have settled on Gary Mathews Jr., or Dave Roberts. However, Mathews Jr. is expected to be a top priority for some teams because he will not be as expensive as Pierre, but may have close to equal talent. Dave Roberts, on the hand, supposedly has 12 teams pursuing him. Teams like the Rockies, Brewers, White Sox, Giants, and Marlins are the known teams.

My Guess: Cubs land Igawa, sign Roberts.