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Cubs Want Floyd, Meche

Now the Cubs have signed Alfonso Soriano, they will turn their priorities to pitching. But not so fast, the Cubs only have one lefty in their lineup in Jacque Jones so it is possibly Floyd could platoon off the bench and in the outfield. Cliff Floyd appeared in 97 games so working him from the bench could only make the bench better. He also has expressed interest in returning home to end his career. He went to High School in South Holland, IL. After Thanksgiving Break, the Cubs are reportedly going to begin serious negotiations with Gil Meche. Meche is the Cubs top pitching priority, probably ahead of Marquis, Lilly, and Igawa. Meche is expecting 3-4 years around 8 million. The Cubs also might look to add Meche and someone like Ted Lilly, to be a fourth starter. As of right now, the Cubs rotation is:

P Carlos Zambrano
P Rich Hill
P Wade Miller/Neil Cotts/FA

The could use Cotts and Miller in the four and five spots and just look to add one pitcher. But the way Hendry is wheeling and dealing, I see him signing one pitcher, and pursuing another sometime around the Winter Meetings. He has mentioned Cliff Lee or Jake Westbrook as possible players.