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Ervin Santana and Chone Figgins to Chicago?

According to the LA Times, the Angels have been discussing a trade that would send Ervin Santana and Chone Figgins to the White Sox for Joe Crede and Freddy Garcia. Although this trade seems to better than the "Figgins for Crede" trade, I still think it favors the Angels. Santana, who will be 25 in two weeks, went 16-8 with a 4.28 ERA and 141 K. He pitched in 204.0 innings, an impressive amount. Freddy Garcia went 17-9 with a 4.53 ERA and 135 K. He pitched in 216.1 innings. Crede, hit 30 home runs this year and would easily fit in behind Vlad in that lineup. Garcia would be slotted in that rotation which would only make their pitching staff stronger. Yes, Garcia will make 10 million next year while Santana will make 500,000, he may be reaching his prime. His numbers have only gone up and if he does indeed get traded with Crede, he will pitch for a team with plenty of power, defense, and bullpen.

The Angels would have to add on money for Garcia and money expected to be owed to Crede, but it would drastically improve their team and slot them as the number 1 team in the AL West. The White Sox, would place top prospect Josh Fields at third, and Brandon McCarthy in the rotation. Fields may turn into a bright star, but he would only develop in 2007. The rotation may be weakened by the departure of Garcia, but McCarthy have proven himself a number 3 or number 4 pitcher in a rotation.