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Giants Want Pierre, Mathews Jr., Barrett?

The Giants need a center fielder and are looking to sign either Juan Pierre or Gary Mathews Jr. They plan to make offers to both and first to accept gets the job. With Frank Thomas leaving Oakland it is possible the A's will look to sign Barry Bonds. If they do, Pierre could play center and Mathews Jr. could move to left. I doubt it though. In other news, it has been reported that the Cubs may look to trade Michael Barrett for pitching. Henry Blanco was signed as a backup and should not start for the Cubs. His AVG when he starts is around .200. Also, Jake Fox and Geovany Soto are no where near ready to start at catcher. I see this as just a false report and that the Cubs will find other ways to acquire pitching.

*The last two pitchers the Cubs acquired from the Giants are both gone. The Cubs traded LaTroy Hawkins to the Giants for Jerome Williams and David Aardsma. Williams is on Oakland and Aardsma is on the White Sox.

The Giants have also reported they will let Durham walk and give Frandsen a shot at second. He tore up the AFL batting .398. That would be a cheap replacement that could turn out to be a success.