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J.D. Drew Opts out of Contract

J.D. Drew is classified as an average player. He hit .283 with 20 homeruns and 100 RBI's. He can still put up these numbers but it will have to be with a different team. He was not happy in LA and decided to opt out and leave 3 yrs 33 million dollars on the table. Ned Colletti commented on the situation: "He wants out, he can have out. He's moving on, we're moving on. We'll find players who like playing here. If he doesn't want to be here, he has the right to leave, and he's exercising that right." J.D. Drew will find a home very quickly. Teams like the Red Sox, Cubs, White Sox, Indians, Astros and Rangers will all show interest in the outfielder. I see the Cubs turning their attention to Dave Roberts. J.D. Drew will be actively sought for by the Red Sox and Rangers. However, expect the Pirates to make some effort. Boras is his agent, so money may be a concern for the Rangers. Don't expect the White Sox to go after this testy player. Ozzie and Drew would just turn that clubhouse upside down. Them two together, that would take all the media attention away from Lou Pinella and the Cubs!

My Guess: Red Sox