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Kei Igawa Posted

Igawa was posted by the Hanshin Tigers Friday and is open for bidding until November 27. The Padres, Diamondbacks, Dodgers, Yankees, Braves, Mets, Cubs and Indians are viewed as some of the potential bidders for Igawa. Igawa went 14-9 with 2.97 ERA and has lead strikeout totals 3-6 years. Since the prices are high for Japanese pitching (51.1) I expect Igawa to get a high post of around 16 million. The Cubs said they planned on pursuing this guy harder than Matsuzaka; however, the Yankees, who lost Matsuzaka to their rivals, will try to counter and add this guy. I see a big increase to around 20 million just so teams can assure they get him. David Wright of the Mets told reporters it would be a mistake to go after him because he believes he is not ready to pitch in the MLB.