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Loney May Be Ready, but Dodgers Resign Nomar

The Los Angeles Times is reporting the Dodgers have offered a multiyear deal with a high base salary and a lot of incentives to Garciaparra. However, why would they do this when James Loney played so well towards the end of the season? Loney hit .284 with four home runs and 18 RBI's in only 102 at-bats. Maybe they decided to retain Nomar because they lost J.D. Drew. Why not take a cheap risk with Loney and then they could go after somone like Alfonso Soriano or Carlos Lee with the money saved? Furthermore, Garciaparra was on the DL three times this year and missed 40 games. Loney may get a decent amount of time at first if Nomar gets injured, but why stall Loney's career for a player who proved he cannot play more than 140 games, at first base? Although missing 40 games, Nomar batted .303 with 20 HR and 93 RBI's.

The accepted offer is expected to be announced this week.

Peter Gammons of ESPN is reporting that the Reds and Mike Stanton have agreed to a two year deal with an option for a third.
Stanton turns 40 next season and has not had a injury free year in three years. The Reds may lose some of their bullpen so signing Stanton was a way just to be safe. Eddie Guardado will be out for most of next season and Dave Weathers is a free agent. If they are unable to resign Weathers Stanton may come into this role.