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A's Lose Thomas, Want Bonds

Now that is appears the A's will lose Frank Thomas to the Blue Jays, the A's need someone new to come in and be DH, and Barry Bonds, would be a very nice pick. Thomas had great power numbers in Oakland and Beane will need to find someone to replace them. The free agent market is scarce and Barry Bonds, who has knee problems, would be able to come in, be DH, and would break the record(*) in an A's uniform. Bonds would be able to play in 25 more games as DH as well. Beane and Jeff Boras have been talking, but no deal seems to be in the works. Bonds will have to take a serious pay cut from his last salary and will probably take a 1-2 year deal.


-The report on Jake Peavy was false, I received an email this morning and I had time to put it up on my website during lunch. It said that Jerry Crasnick of ESPN confirmed the rumor and I thought everyone should know about it. I am sorry for the confusion and I will confirm every rumor before I post again. Sorry for the inconvenience.