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Mets and Alou Close?

According to, the Mets and Moises Alou are close to a two year deal. Could this mean that with the signing of Alou, The Mets are looking to trade Lastings Milledge? This would be a good signing for the Mets because it would give them a veteran player who knows how to win and wants to. The Padres and A's have shown interest in the veteran outfielder who turns 41 next year, but Minaya has been in discussions with his agent nearly all week, and a deal appears to be all but signed.

In other news, the Dodgers released Kengshill Pujols from their farm team. This comes as no surprise after he was arrested for possession of more than 130 bags of crack cocaine. He was suspended for substance abuse in August and this was the last straw for him. He will probably never pitch for a professional team again.