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Mora Recruiting Gonzalez, Huff

Orioles 3rd baseman Melvin Mora has done some recruiting of his own. He is urging his team to sign Luis Gonzalez and Aubrey Huff. Well, signing both would be stretch considering they spent 42 million dollars on the bullpen. Even signing one would help their team. With Tejada, Mora, Markais, Patterson, Roberts, and now a solid pitching staff, they are laying the ground work to make a run at the playoffs. Gonzalez, 40, batted .271 with 15 HR and 73 RBI's. His family lives in Scottsdale so moving to Baltimore may be a stretch. Gonzalez is drawing interest from the Cardinals, Rangers, Orioles, and many others. Huff, 29, batted .266 with 21 HR and 65 RBI's with the Devil Rays and Astros. Huff is also drawing a lot of interest from other teams. Although these are the only two names that came up, the Orioles plan to add a big bat at the Winter Meetings.