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New Report: Astros Have Company for Lee

Jason Stark of ESPN is now saying that Carlos Lee is looking into the Orioles as a possible destination. The Orioles got serious about Lee this weekend when it appeared that Soriano was signed by the Cubs, and a report from Houston saying that the Astros and Lee were close. Even though those rumors were false, for now, the Orioles ignited their front office and began talks about bringing the the left fielder in. Carlos Lee is now arguably the most sought after free agent on the market, so the Orioles will have to face other possible suitors: Rangers, Giants, Dodgers, and Astros all appear very serious about signing the power hitter. I see this stretching out for a while, Lee will want more money now that Soriano was able to reel in so much. I expect him to command a 4-5 year deal, 13-14 million annually.

Source: ESPN