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New York Post: Diamondbacks Looking to Trade Justin Upton?

A report coming out of the New York Post last week suggested that the Diamondbacks are looking to trade Justin Upton. I doubt they would let go of possible future stars, however, there was another report that said they are looking to acquire Dontrelle Willis. I doubt this report too. But if they package some prospects together like Chris Young and Miguel Montero and cash, they might be able to land him. But the cost of resigning him would be huge and I do not think the Dbacks are ready to take on that kind of money. For now, they will just have to stick to some home-grown players and bringing in players looking to bounce back or are cheap. Players like Woody Williams, Randy Wolf, Mark DeRosa, or Alex Gonzalez would all be good fits for the Dbacks, and it would be in their price range.