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Nothing With Schmidt, Rumor Probably False

Yesterday, ESPN 1000 reported the Cubs had made an offer to Jason Schmidt of three years 45 million total. After taking in the report for a day and listening to ESPN 1000 for an hour, I have come to the conclusion the Cubs have not made an offer to him. That would make sense too. The Cubs are looking into signing Gil Meche and/or Ted Lilly. My guess is the Cubs will sign Meche, and then either sign a different free agent pitcher, or trade for someone else. The Cubs are supposedly looking to sign Julio Lugo to play either SS or CF and then trading an outfielder or Cesar Izturis to make room. Lou Piniella likes Lugo and Lugo supposedly feels the same way. Hendry has mentioned Gary Mathews Jr. as a target to play for the Cubs, but with the amount of years, and money he wants, the Cubs will probably pull away.

Other Free Agent Center Fielders:
-Steve Finley
-Kenny Lofton
-Gary Mathews Jr.
-Dave Roberts
-Preston Wilson
-Jay Payton
-Bernie Williams

To break the above down, the Cubs are looking to add two pitchers. One by free agency, and the other through trade. However, it is possible they will add two pitchers via free agency. They are also looking to add a center fielder and trade away either Jacque Jones or Matt Murton. Unfortunately, the Jason Schmidt rumor is false.

I am sorry if you think I am bias towards the Cubs but there is just no other news about any other teams. Let me know if you want to know about any player news or teams, I will find whatever I can.