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Offseason Day 15

What a way to start off the new week. Let me just start by saying, I and all of the baseball world woke up today thinking Rod Barajas was a Blue Jay. No more, Rod Barajas and his deal with the Blue Jays fell through this afternoon and he is now in need of a job. The Blue Jays, however, were quick to sign Gregg Zaun after hearing they did not have a catcher anymore. In other news, the Indians announced that they have reached an agreement with David Dellucci. The deal is pending a physical, but is a three year 11.5 million dollar deal. Indians GM Mark Shapiro also said that he has no intention of trading Jake Westbrook. Mike Piazza and the A's are in serious discussions about a one year, possibly a two year deal. Also, the Angels have suggested that they would offer Chone Figgins for Joe Crede. I do not see the White Sox accepting a deal like this, but if the Angels throw in a prospect or a reliever, a deal may be in reach. Furthermore, the Phillies and Dodgers have made their signings official. The Phillies have announced the signing of Adam Eaton. Eaton signed a three year deal, worth 24 million. The Dodgers signed Randy Wolf to a one year 7.5 million dollar deal with an option for one more. Finally, the bidding for Kei Igawa ended at 5:00 ET and it appears that one of the New York teams will win. Teams that were reportedly going to bid on him were the: Yankees, Mets, Cubs, Mariners, Rangers, and Dodgers. We are expected to find out the winner sometime this week.

Day 15 Recap
- Barajas breaks talks with Jays
- Zaun resigns with Jays
- Indians sign Dellucci
- GM Shapiro denies Westbrook is on the "block"
- Phillies sign Eaton
- Dodgers sign Wolf
- Reds sign Moehler
- White Sox/Angels Trade Talks
- Kei Igawa bidding ends