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Offseason Day 2

Well the off-season was full of news, reports, and rumors today. It was reported by more than one source that the Red Sox have won the Daisuke Matsuzaka bidding and bid 42 million dollars. An announcement is expected tomorrow. Jose Valentin and Kaz Matsui signed with their respective teams. Valentin with the Mets and Matsui with the Rockies. Joe Girardi was named to the Yankees TV Booth. I think he is one in line to manage for the Yankees when Joe Torre is done. The Phillies and Red Sox were active in the off-season today, the Phillies offered Soriano a deal (5 yr. 73 million) and the Red Sox offered J.D. Drew a deal (terms not reported). Justin Verlander and Hanley Ramirez won the Rookie of the Year Awards. The Cubs contacted Ted Lilly's agent and told him that Lilly was one of their prime targets to join their rotation. The White Sox are shopping around some of their pitchers, they are interested in acquiring hitting. Nomar Garciaparra is still drawing interest. Garciaparra could fit at first base for the Yankees, Orioles and Indians, and the Padres are interested in signing him to play second. Finally, Dave Roberts has begun preliminary negotiations with the Brewers.

Day 2 Recap
- Red Sox posted highest big for Daisuke Matsuzaka
- Jose Valentin agreed to a one year deal with the Mets
- Kaz Matsui agreed to a one year deal with the Rockies
- Joe Girardi will be broadcasting for the Yankees this year.
- The Phillies offered Alfonso Soriano a contract
- The Red Sox offered J.D. Drew a contract
- Justin Verlander won AL Rookie of the Year. Hanley Ramirez won NL Rookie of the Year
- Cubs contacted Ted Lilly about pitching for them
- White Sox shopping around Freddy Garcia and Mark Buerhle
- Brewers began preliminary talks with Dave Roberts
- Nomar is drawing interest to play different positions (1B,3B,2B)