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Offseason Day 3

Today we found out the Daisuke Matsuzaka will play for the Red Sox. The Seibu Lions accepted the Red Sox 51 million dollar bid and now they have exclusive negotiating rights with him. The Cubs have signed Mark DeRosa to a three year 13 million dollar deal. The Mets signed Orlando Hernandez to a two year 12 million dollar deal. The Devil Rays won the bidding for Akinori Iwamura. The Swallows are expected to announce tomorrow that they have won. Rodrigo Lopez is being shopped around by the Orioles. The Brewers are expected to be the top suitors for him. The Giants have contacted Juan Pierre to play center field for them. He wants 30 million over three years. Finally, the Mets are pursuing Julio Lugo to start over Jose Valentin at second base. They will meet with his agent this week. Lugo wants four years for 32 million.

Day 3 Recap
- Red Sox win negotiating rights for Matsuzaka
- Cubs sign Mark DeRosa
- Mets sign Orlando Hernandez
- Devil Rays win negotiating right for Iwamura
- Orioles looking to trade Rodrigo Lopez
- Giants want Juan Pierre
- Mets want Lugo to start at second.