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Offseason Day 6

Toronto officially announced Friday that it had signed Thomas to a two-year deal worth $18 million that includes a vesting option for 2009. No one thought he would leave Oakland after one season, but he is now the first big name to be off the market. He batted .270 with 29 home runs and 114 RBI's. So who will the A's go after now? Reports suggest they will want to fill the void at DH and will probably look to sign Barry Bonds. However, he might be out of the A's price range, who have primarily focused on cheap players or trades. Bill Mueller of the Dodgers announced his retirement today but will be "demoted" to the Assistant GM position of Ned Colletti. The Red Sox resigned Alex Cora to a two year deal. Compared to the first week of the off-season, today was a very uneventful day. Tomorrow will probably be the start of Thanksgiving break as most GM's are heading home. I expect nothing to be happening from Saturday to Saturday. Maybe minor negotiations, but other than that, nothing.

Day 6 Recap
- Toronto signs Thomas
- Alex Cora signs with Red Sox
- Reds near deal with Gonzalez
- Bill Mueller retires