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Offseason Day 7

Probably the biggest day of the off-season so far. It will probably also be the biggest this year. The biggest news of course is that the Cubs have agreed in principle to sign Alfonso Soriano to an 8-year 136 million dollar deal. The Chicago Tribune said he will either play RF or LF meaning Jones or Murton are on there way out. The Cubs still have approximately 25 million left to spend on pitching. Also, the Mets are closing in on a 1-2 year deal with Moises Alou. A deal is expected to be announced next week. The Reds have announced the signing of two players, Alex Gonzalez and Mike Stanton. Gonzalez with give them a wall at short and Stanton could be a closer if they lose Weathers. The Rangers are close to a deal with Frank Catalanotto for three years. Finally, the Angels have agreed to a deal with Justin Speier. He will join an already stellar bullpen and help close the game for Rodriguez. Now, the Angels 7th, 8th, and 9th innings are set with pitchers. Speier, Shields, and Rodriguez. That could be the best combination in baseball.

Day 7 Recap
- Cubs sign Alfonso Soriano
- Mets sign Moises Alou
- Reds sign Alex Gonzalez and Mike Stanton
- Angels sign Justin Speier
- Rangers sign Frank Catalanotto